Our planets resources are limited, yet todays’ conventional animal feeds rely heavily on Soy, Corn, and fish meals which directly compete with our human food systems, and divert valuable land, labor, and water resources.

At BioMilitus, we use low-cost agricultural by-produces to produce insects, providing an alternative animal-feed ingredient, high in protein and fat, and rich in the essential amino acids greatly sought after within poultry and aquaculture industries. 

The agricultural by-products we use to produce our insects don’t compete within human food production systems, with some producers even paying to have this resource disposed of. Considering this agricultural by-products are 5 billion ton a year resource, our ag-waste-to-animal-feed process presents a significant opportunity.

Our company leverages the bioconversion potential of a non-pest, voracious black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) to rapidly convert agricultural food waste in a valuable protein-rich, high-fat insect biomass and producing large quantities of a nutrient-rich compost-like substrate that can be used in agriculture as a fertilizer or probiotic. BioMilitus has the technology to convert low-value organic wastes into customized animal feed following AAFCO T60.117(B) regulation by which insects must be fed pre-consumer food waste. The potential market value of $1500 per ton, and high quality probiotic compost that has a market value of approximately $150 per ton. All this, at a low cost and carbon footprint and produced at a faster rate than other technologies on the market. In addition, we aim to do this locally, reducing transportation cost of wastes and products.